Created by Guido van Rossum and released in 1991, Python is now an advanced, general-purpose programming language.

It is designed to stress on code readability by utilizing substantial white space and simplicity as it allows programmers to write models and conceptions in less amounts of code lines compared to other languages like C++ or Java.

This makes python a very popular programming language used for desktop stand-alone applications or online/ web applications as well as small or large scales development projects.

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Why use Python?

What can Python be used for?

With the process of development of web applications evolving radically in the last few years, here is what makes Python a leading contender or choice among software developers. It can build just about anything.

As a general-purpose language, Python is the single language that you may ever need for developing just about anything.

It can be used for the programming of the front end (client side) with which users interact and back end (server side) database of your website. It can be used for numerical and data analysis for scientific study and research. It can be used to develop artificial intelligence. It can be used to develop both online and offline applications from productivity tools, games and other type of app you can think off.

In short, Python is the jack-of-all-trades of programming language. And mastering it can potentially allow a software developer to be an expert in all types of programing. It is fun and easy to use.

python programming

Beginner friendly

Python was principally designed to be easy to understand and enjoyable use. It name was derived from the funny the British surreal comedy group Monty Python.

It has many beginner tutorials for reference and its enjoyability makes it even more popular for more people to adopt.

Python allows newbie programmers to build prototypes and tools quite swiftly allowing one to experience immediate satisfaction. Because of ease of use, this language is quickly becoming the introductory language taught to beginners. It is easy to understand.

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In spite of being a high level language, Python is a beginner friendly language because it is easy to understand. It does not stress people with machine like language that is difficult to comprehend. Instead, it read like the English language by handling the detailed complex and stressful syntax and command, which makes programming unappealing.

You can master the concept of programming more intensely rather than get stuck on learning the language. You get support from a community. If you start programming, you will inevitably become part of a community of programmers which you will consult and get help from for practically any issue or concern in your programming project.


The Python community is one of the biggest communities with a large stackoverflaw, meet up activities, where you not only gain support to succeed in you endeavors but most importantly, you also gain friends you can have for lifetime. It offers promising career opportunitiesPython belongs to the top five most popular programming language in the world and top highest paying programming languages.


A career in python can ensure you of great employment opportunities and financial rewarding careers in the field of programming. And since, the language is flexible it also provides you flexibility as to which programming field are you going to pursue. And these are reflected by the growing number of people that are interested in learning Python.