A string can be split into substrings using the split(param) method. This method is part of the string object. The parameter is optional, but you can split on a specific string or character.

Given a sentence, the string can be split into words. If you have a paragraph, you can split by phrase. If you have a word, you can split it into individual characters.

In most cases, the split() method will do. For characters, you can use the list method.

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String split

If you have a string, you can subdivide it into several strings. The string needs to have at least one separating character, which may be a space.

By default the split method will use space as separator. Calling the method will return a list of all the substrings.

String to words

The demo below splits a string into characters.

s = "Its to easy"
words = s.split()

The len() method will give you the number of characters and number of words:


Output should be similar to the image below:

string split

String to characters

If you want to split a word into characters, use the list() method instead:

word = "Easy"
x = list(word)

A string can be reconstructed with the join method, which combines a sequence into a new string.

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