The join(sequence) method joins elements and returns the combined string. The join methods combines every element of the sequence.

Combine list of words?

Combine them into a sentence with the join(sequence) method. The method is called on a seperator string, which can be anything from a space to a dash.

This is easier than using the plus operator for every word, which would quickly become tedious with a long list of words.

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The join method takes a sequence as argument. The sequence is written as single argument: you need to add brackets around the sequence.

If you’d like, you can pass a variable holding the sequence as argument. This makes it easier to read. We’ll use a space a seperator string in the example below.

Try the program below:

# define strings                                                         
firstname = "Bugs"
lastname = "Bunny"

# define our sequence
sequence = (firstname,lastname)

# join into new string
name = " ".join(sequence)

You should see this output:

string join output

It can also join a list of words:

words = ["How","are","you","doing","?"]
sentence = ' '.join(words)


Try the exercises below

  1. Create a list of words and join them, like the example above.
  2. Try changing the seperator string from a space to an underscore.

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