Python can run in the cloud, for free.

You can use PythonAnywhere to setup your Python web app or website quickly

There is no need to configure or maintain a web server, as you often have to do with other programming languages.

Everything is set up and ready to go.

Python Web App online

Put your Python app online

You can get your Python website or Python (Flask) app online in 2 minutes!

The process is quite easy.

First sign up on PythonAnywhere. Then click on the “Open Web Tab”.

Click on “Add a new web app”. Then click next. You’ll be presented with several Python web frameworks you can choose from.

Create new Python web app

Select Flask and click next. If you want to, you can change the project’s directory.

start Python flask app

Then select your Python version. If you don’t have any legacy, pick the newest version.

Select a Python version

Then click next. You can optionally change your app name.

Click next

Now your Python Flask web app is online! Click on the green button, your website will then show.

Run Flask online

You can change your website from the bash console, or if you want you can edit it straight from your browser.

That’s it, that’s how easy it is to put your Python Flask App online.

Run Flask online

From here you can use the built-in browser-based editor, Bash consoles,you can use git, mercurial and other VCS’s to push and pull your code.

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