Computer Science is a big field, but we are going to focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Machine Learning and AI are used on healthcare, automotive, government, military, financing and economics, video games, advertising, art and more. Is something that everyone with interest can reach.

Machine learning algorithms can make predictions or decisions. They use training data to train the model, they “learn from data”.

So, you understand all this and you are probably wondering “how can I start?”

If you are new to Machine Learning, then I highly recommend this book.

Start with Machine Learning


Classroom courses or online courses. Is important you know the fundamentals before sign up for a course. You don’t how fast or how slow the explanation is, being sure you can catch up is the best.


Books are classic but secure. Real documentation is the next step. There are books about everything from artificial intelligences, to the simplest of programming languages.

The Web

Today, when you think about learning something the first thought is Google it.

Searching on internet for information is useful, do not underestimate self-learning.

Online tutorials are perfects to begin practice. If you have the computer and the time to do it, tutorials may give you an idea of how AI and ML work.

machine learning in python


College. Depend on what you already studied and you possibilities; college is the best way to professionalize knowledge.

Sometimes college offers short programs that you can try; to know for real if that you thing before you do a financial invest.

Whatever you do to learn, do not forget that science is trial and error.